Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Congressman Drew Ferguson visit Manchester for MAGA rally

Updated: Oct. 27, 2020 at 8:49 PM EDT
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MANCHESTER, Ga. (WTVM) - A number of Georgia state leaders spoke out in support of President Donald Trump at a rally in Manchester Tuesday.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Congressman Drew Ferguson made comments at the MAGA rally in about needing a presence there to compete against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden who visited Warm Springs.

“Georgia is clearly a battleground state, but we are going to do whatever it takes to win this war,” Kemp said.

Crowds in Manchester, Georgia turned out in force to hear Kemp and Ferguson deliver their speeches endorsing presidential candidate Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

Ferguson offered insight as to why Georgia has limited access to healthcare in rural areas, mentioning the Democratic health care system is to blame.

“If you wonder why we don’t have doctors and we don’t have hospitals, it is not because of things we have done," Ferguson said. "It is not because of the leadership we have had here in this state. It is because of Obama Care.”

With Biden’s arrival in Warm Springs, just 10 miles from Manchester, Kemp said that is the reason for their visit today, citing that a last-minute trip to the Peach State won’t shake the polls.

“We welcome Joe Biden to Georgia, but we also say just go home Joe,” Kemp said.

One person who came for the Make America Great Again (MAGA) rally said if Biden is elected, this will happen:

“We are afraid of socialism and that’s basically what will happen if Biden gets in there,” Cheryl Burchfield said.

Others are just grateful to be acknowledged.

“To have all the representation and to the congressman, even acknowledge our little town, every citizen in Manchester and Meriwether County is more than pleased,” Jackson “Boo” Bishop said.

Michelle Bennett said this is why she will be voting to reelect Trump for the 2020 election.

“I just believe in Trump. I believe he is going to save our country,” Bennett said.

Ferguson said Manchester Mills was precisely picked to host the rally earlier since it was once home to a thriving production plant that helped support Georgia’s economy. But like many others, it was closed under Biden’s leadership when he served as vice president of the United States. He said if he is elected, this will be the same fate to fall to the economy.

With Cuthbert just recently closing the only hospital in the area a couple of weeks ago, Kemp spoke exclusively with WTVM about the efforts from the Republican side.

“We are the first state in the country to sign one of these healthcare waivers," Kemp said. "It is going to provide access for thousands of Georgians to healthcare with lower costs for millions. The Democrats never talk about lowering private-sector health insurance costs. They only talk about expanding the broken government program. We are going to reform that, but also work to reduce the cost.”

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