Community gives back after tragic fire in LaGrange

Community gives back after tragic fire in LaGrange

LAGRANGE, Ga. (WTVM) - After a tragic fire in LaGrange claimed the lives on two children and left their mother in critical condition, people in the area rallied together to raise more than $8,000 for the family.

The fire happened on Cherry Valley Lane early Wednesday morning and left the community devastated. 12-year-old Desmond and eight-year-old William Chester were killed in the fire. As of Wednesday, their mother, Lynette Chester, is at Grady Hospital.

After seeing the boys' father, Jason Homes, sharing what happened, one man went on a mission to raise money.

“I’ve lost everything at one point too,” said community leader Anthony Talley. “So, I’m like there is no way we can just sit by and not do something. Now, I had no idea that it was going to catapult the way it did.”

Talley raised money with his community event called $1 Thursday where he collects money through CashApp weekly for those in need. He will present the money to Holmes Friday.

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