Sen. David Perdue rallies in Columbus

Sen. David Perdue rallies in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue rallied the crowds in Columbus Friday morning on a state-wide tour in an effort to get more voters to the polls.

“We are all over the sate just trying to get the energy up," Perdue said. "President Trump knows it is that important. He is coming back Sunday.”

A spokesperson for Perdue made the announcement Thursday that he will not attend the final debate with Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff that was scheduled for Sunday.

The senator said that he will instead be attending the Get-Out-The-Vote rally in Northwest Georgia with Trump.

“I am just trying to get the vote out in Georgia," said Perdue. “That is what Sunday is all about. That is why Trump is coming to Georgia. Again, that is what this is all about. We did this in 2014. A lot of people don’t do this anymore, but I believe in getting out and talking to people and that is what we are doing.”

The incumbent also answered questions regarding his proposed legislation to replace ObamaCare, a subject his opponent challenged him on during Wednesday night’s debate.

“He is working day and night to rip healthcare away from his own constituents in the middle of a pandemic," Ossoff said.

“What we have proposed is ways to protect pre-existing conditions, ways to get rid of surprise billing, and ways to bring drug prices down," Perdue said. "What we need is someone on the other side to negotiate this with us and fix it because healthcare costs have just risen out of any reasonable expectation.”

Friday’s event drew many supporters.

“We feel like he and President Trump will be a winning team for America and Georgia,” Nancy Rinn said.

“Fifty six percent, in spite of the pandemic, and in the middle of a pandemic feel that we are better off today than we were four years ago,' Mary Sue Poolleys said. "We just want to thank David Perdue for the part that he has had in that.”

Perdue said he is not worried about the polls indicating a close race. He said back in 2014, the polls were down eight to 10 points, but he still came out on top. He said instead of putting credibility in the polls, he focuses more on trusting the voters of Georgia.

He also cleared up allegations from challenger Ossoff regarding him downplaying COVID-19, comparing it to nothing more than the flu.

Perdue said, “The finish of that sentence was that we need to take it very seriously.”

In response to the pandemic, Perdue said he has helped bring $47 billion of relief to Georgia including $15 billion to smaller companies.

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