WTVM Editorial 10-30-20: The power of your vote

Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 12:58 PM EDT
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(WTVM) - When it comes to voter turnout, presidential election years always see the highest number of voters going to the polls.

We hope you are among the 61 percent of Americans who the US Census expects to vote this year, just about the same percentage of voters who cast ballots in the past two presidential election years.

That’s right. Usually, only 61 percent of our citizens regularly exercise their right to vote.

At least the 61 percent of eligible voters – the ones who vote early, or by absentee, or in person on Election Day - know that their vote matters.

It would be nice if the other 39 percent of American citizens who could vote, would see the value of their vote, too.

Higher voter turnout would mean a larger and more accurate reflection of the will of the people.

Voting is not just a civic duty we learn about in grade school. Voting is our individual exercise of power.

We vote for candidates, yes, but the real power of our vote lies in the ideas and policies we choose to support, because we think those ideas and policies are best for our country and community.

Using our power to vote gives us a say in things that directly affect our lives: important things like health, wealth, education, the military, crime and national security.

It’s our power to vote that makes our country special.

Critics of America like to argue the United States is not special. But they must have forgotten about the hard-won battles to ensure all races, women and men 18 and older all have the right to vote.

Voting is what gives each individual American the power to be heard, whether the voter chooses to change or endorse specific policies in our unique democratic republic.

That’s why we hope everyone has a plan to vote.

Congratulate yourself if you’ve already cast your ballot.

If you plan to vote on Election day, November 3rd, get there early and remember to be patient.

The time it takes to exercise your power to vote is always worth it!

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