Fla. family’s property tagged with racial slurs for 6th time

Fla. family’s property tagged with racial slurs for 6th time
The family has reported each of the incidents to police, but no one has been caught yet.

JUPITER FARMS, Fla. (WPTV/CNN) - A Jupiter Farms family with four children was sound asleep inside their home at 4:23 a.m. Sunday, when the vandalism happened.

“There’s no question it is because of the color of their skin, period,” said Kristy Ferrer, a good friend of the family.

The Kennedy family shared a security video showing a person walking onto their property and spray-painting racial slurs.

Ferrer said she was shocked at how the perpetrator took his time, “spray-painted their barn in red letters - spray painted all along the side of their fence just really nasty hateful things. They completely defaced a Black Lives Matter sign.”

The Kennedys said it’s happened before. Too upset to talk on camera, the family said they have reported every incident to law enforcement, but no one has been caught.

“What is happening to this family is just wrong,” Ferrer said. “If you are a human being and you value life for any other human being, we just ask that you speak up. This family is being terrorized."

A few months ago, Ferrer’s daughter organized a protest to inform the community that this is happening in their backyard.

Melody Rodriguez joined in for support. “I think its incredibly important for white people to stand up and stand with them that we are not going to tolerate this behavior from our fellow citizens,” she said.

Ferrer said several people including neighbors helped repaint the barn and fence. “I’m just afraid of how bold they are going to get next,” she said.

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