Columbus man continues COVID-19 recovery journey

Columbus man continues COVID-19 recovery journey

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - While hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from coronavirus, many have also recovered and lived to tell about it.

One Columbus survivor said he did not think he would make it out of the hospital, much less see another birthday.

Edward DuBose is a man of many titles. He’s the former president of the Columbus and Georgia NAACP, a faith leader, counselor, and now a coronavirus survivor.

The coronavirus peak in July sent the former DuBose into the hospital and on a ventilator for weeks. Now, his shirt says it all. He is a COVID-19 survivor.

“First of all, God saved my life," he said. Second, he didn’t leave me in a state of needing someone to take care of me."

DuBose does have some long-term impacts, including nerve damage in his hand, anxiety, and trouble breathing from time to time. But there is a plus side.

“I thought I would not be able to come off oxygen. The doctor was preparing me that I may be on oxygen the rest of my life. I thought my lungs would not get better," DuBose said.

DuBose turned the oxygen over to the doctor and is walking several miles a day to get healthy again. He said much of his time in the hospital is a blur.

“My daughter said I coded, but I don’t remember any of that. So, they’re bringing the pieces back together for me and really, I don’t want to remember all of it," DuBose said.

Worse than the physical recovery, DuBose said is the mental and emotional journey after spending so much time hospitalized.

“I have not made it to a point where for example, I’ve been back into the church. I’m still trying to get my emotions, my mental state back together," he said.

A mental health counselor himself, DuBose said one message he has for people at home is keep checking up on your friends as they recover. He said his family and grandkids are the ones who keep him going every day.

"It’s good to see the youngest ones say, “Grandpa, I love you. I’m glad you made it,” said DuBose.

The biggest lesson DuBose said he took away from the whole ordeal is to wear a mask.

“Don’t play Russian roulette with your life. If you don’t know where someone has been, even if it’s family, wear your mask,” he said.

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