Election audit nears deadline in Georgia

Election audit nears deadline in Georgia

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - As Georgia continues to look toward the next steps in the election process, the State Board of Elections gave an update the election audit Wednesday.

Monroe, Walton, Floyd, and Fayette are a few counties now under investigation after dozens of uncounted ballots were found during the audit process. Elections Board member Matt Mashburn said this is to be expected and proves the integrity of the audit process.

“When we are done, we will have the most accurate, transparent, checked, double-checked and rechecked election in Georgia’s entire history,” said Mashburn.

Georgia counties have until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday to finish its risk limiting audit.

An update from the Secretary of States Office Wednesday announced the margin between President Donald Trump and President- elect Joe Biden is becoming thinner as a growing number of counties discover uncounted ballots in the audit process.

“Our running tally now puts as at a margin of 12,781,” said Voter Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling.

Mashburn said despite the heat the Peach State is taking for these voting discrepancies, it proves the thoroughness of the audit process.

In a perfect world where everyone is doing everything right, there are no found ballots, but our system is set up to check that and that is why we do those audits,” he said.

Mashburn said the uncounted ballots will likely not be enough to flip the presidential race.

He said Georgians should instead look ahead to the Senate runoff election in Jan. With potential national impact, Mashburn said they will continue to watch for anyone who tries to alter a free and fair election.

“The runoff is going to be very, very, very well looked at. People will not be allowed to move to Georgia just to be allowed to vote in the election and leave,” Mashburn said.

According to the state’s office, nearly 700,000 Georgia voters have requested an absentee ballot for the runoff election.

As for the general election, there are about 200,000 votes left to be counted statewide, prior to Wednesday night’s deadline for counties to finish their audits.

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