Russell Co. seeing lower COVID-19 numbers than the rest of the state

Russell Co. seeing lower COVID-19 numbers than the rest of the state

PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WTVM) - Russell County officials said the county is seeing lower numbers of COVID-19 infections compared to other Alabama counties.

Still, according to Bob Franklin, Russell County’s Emergency Management Agency director, they are seeing coronavirus numbers on the rise in the county.

“We’re actually doing a little bit better than the average across the state, but I am seeing that trend, especially over the last week or so, where we are starting to trend upward,” Franklin said. “That does concern me.”

Franklin’s concern comes from the average number of new COVID-19 cases being recorded daily.

“We were averaging about two or three a couple of weeks ago, and now it looks like we’re averaging about 14 a day,” he said.

When it comes to long-term trends, Russell County had settled to about 60 new cases every two weeks after seeing its peak in the summer.

“A few months ago we were averaging around 200 over that 14-day period,” Franklin said. “Right now, we’re just under 100 [per 14 days]”.

Franklin said while Russell County’s numbers compared to other parts of the state may be lower, he anticipates that will change going forward.

“Because of what’s happening around us, I expect ours to go up as well,” he said.

Franklin said these trends serve as another reminder when you head out of the house or plan your Thanksgiving, you need to wear a mask, wash your hands, and follow CDC guidelines.

“We should still be as alert now and conscientious of this as we were six months ago,” he said.

According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, there have been three deaths from COVID-19 in Russell County. Franklin said additional Russell County residents have died, however, their deaths were recorded where the deaths occurred, not where they lived.

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