Muscogee Co. elections officials explain ballot recount process

Muscogee Co. elections officials explain ballot recount process

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Per President Donald Trump’s request, a recount is now underway of all the ballots cast in the general election in Georgia.

Less than a week after completing the by-hand risk-limiting audit, Muscogee County Elections Supervisor Nancy Boren is now setting up for a recount that will be done by machines.

The first step in the recount process is making a test batch of pre-audited ballots that include absentee, provisional, advanced, and military ballots.

“That will be built into a set of pre-audited ballots that will run in the scanners you see behind me,” Boren said. “It has to produce a perfect count. If it doesn’t, we move onto the second scanner and run that same test batch.”

This process will be open to the public and will have a bipartisan group of “observers” who may sit in the room and watch the recount process, but unlike the audit, only elections staff will be able to conduct the recount.

“The numbers could be a little different when you have human eyes looking at a ballot versus a machine. There will be different interpretations and we saw that in the audit. We can see that in the recount,” Boren said.

Come Monday, this will be the third time roughly 81,000 Muscogee County ballots will be processed.

Boren said she has seen nothing like this during her tenure in Muscogee County.

“I have been the elections director for 25 years and the closest thing to this was the presidential election of 2000. Of course it was not Georgia, it was Florida that was under the spotlight like we are now,” she said.

The secretary of state’s deadline to finish the recount process is next Wednesday at midnight.

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