Store manager helps woman give birth in parking lot

Store manager helps woman give birth in parking lot

THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. (KIRO) - When a woman was giving birth in a parking lot in Washington, one of the employees of a nearby store sprang into action.

“She was pushing and I’m like, ‘Oh no, we’re having a baby,’” Jaymie Nalley said.

Nalley still can’t believe it and she’s been smiling all day.

The Value Village manager was counting cash Tuesday evening when a coworker caught her attention.

“Then my employee yelled, ‘she’s having a baby,” Nalley said.

Outside, Nalley spotted a crowd of people standing around a pickup truck parked right in front of the store.

Inside the truck, was a woman in labor and there was no time to get her to the hospital.

“She was crowning, and so I ran back inside,” Nalley said. “I asked one of my employees to get some towels and I came back out and I said, ‘ma’am, can I help you?’ And she said, ‘yes.’”

As Nalley helped deliver the baby, others called paramedics. Before they knew it, the baby girl arrived.

“Welcoming this baby into the world, being the first one to touch the baby was amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Nalley said.

Moments later, police arrived.

“I can’t say enough about the citizens last night, they literally were the rock stars,” Sgt. Jaime Newcomb said. “They did everything, they assisted a complete stranger.”

They checked to make sure mom and baby were OK before medics took the healthy duo to the hospital.

“She was a rock star and just one of the bravest people I’ve seen in a while,” said Newcomb.

Deep down, Nalley says she’s always wanted to work in the medical field.

“I’ve been joking with my friends that watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has finally paid off and I can kind of call myself a doctor,” Nalley said.

She believes this may be her calling.

“I like catching babies,” Nalley said. “I seem pretty good at it, so maybe I’ll give that a shot.”

She’ll never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience and she’s sure the new mom won’t either.

“I hope that baby enjoys the story one day and, who knows, maybe I’ll get to meet her one day or at least see a picture,” Nalley said.

Nalley has posted in community Facebook groups hoping to connect with the mother to see how the family is doing.

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