Muscogee County wraps up first day of ballot recount

Muscogee County wraps up first day of ballot recount

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The world watches as all 159 Georgia counties recount all the ballots cast in the general election for the presidential race.

This marks the third time the ballots are being processed, but unlike the audit, this recount will not be done by hand. The ballots are instead fed through high-speed scanners.

The audit conducted less than two weeks ago, allowed a group of bipartisan people to have hands on insight into the process, but this recount only allows people to watch from afar while elections staff does all the handling.

Robert Hurst, a Republican onlooker said despite multiple allegations of voter fraud across the Peach State, the transparency of the Muscogee County Board of Elections has helped ease his mind through this historic election.

“A lot of places have this taped off, but here, they let us go behind, in-front,” said Hurst. “So, I really feel comfortable with the system they are using and the way they are doing it here in Columbus. You know with this election, everybody thinks voter fraud, so the fact that we can be down here is great.”

Counties are allowed to determine how much insight the public is allowed. Some counties, like Fulton, put caution tape up to prevent the public from seeing too much. Through this process, Muscogee County Elections supervisor Nancy Boren said it is all about the voters.

“We want the voters and the citizens to feel like this is their process, this is their vote, and we work for the citizens at the end of the day,” Boren said.

U.D. Roberts is a Republican appointee to the board of elections who said despite some backlash on Georgia’s relatively new voting equipment, the audit is proof that the recount will only further strengthen the integrity of the voting system.

“I know there is a lot of information out there about voting equipment, but as far as I am concerned with what we have now, we should have about the same results as the audit. I have pretty much full confidence in the system,” Roberts said.

The Democratic party also had a presence during the first day of the recount process, but was unavailable for comment.

Elections staff will continue to recount all 81,000 ballots and hope to have the process wrapped up before the state’s deadline of 11:59 p.m. Wednesday.

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