Car break-ins increase during the holiday season

Car break-ins increase during the holiday season

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Residents of various apartment complexes in Columbus shared a rash of recent car break-ins.

Officials with the Columbus Police Department said this is not unusual this time of year. They said during the summer and the holidays, they see an increase of break-ins throughout the community.

According to police, you should always make sure to lock your car and remove valuables and weapons. Authorities also said to never leave your car running with the key inside.

“A lot of neighborhoods have the apps which is great because it lets everyone know what’s going on,” said Capt. Joyce Dent-Fitzpatrick. “We appreciate the apps and we also appreciate it when they call and let us know. We can have a deterrent as well when we have an officer come through and look around. Please lock the doors and the trunks and make sure you’re looking around when you’re putting valuables in the trunk.”

The Columbus Police Department said last year, there were more than 5,000 cases of larceny and close to 900 auto thefts in Columbus.

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