Community activist talks combating violence in Columbus

Community activist talks combating violence in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Community activists are wondering what can be done to stop the violence in Columbus.

This weekend, two men were shot and killed in two separate incidents in Columbus. Attorney and activist Teddy Reese said too many young men are dying.

Forty-three people have lost their lives in a homicide this year in Columbus. Reese said it’s time to stop talking and start acting.

“I think the community is sick and tired of carefully crafted statements and words of comfort. They want action, some real plans. We need our leaders to be actionable. We’ve heard enough talk, now let’s see what we’re going to do,” said Reese.

Reese said he believes a change in law enforcement leadership may help with a new sheriff and new police chief coming in. However, he said the main people who need to be involved are community members, not allowing their neighborhoods to turn to violence.

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