New Mexico Christmas tree lot offers ‘pay what you can’ trees

CORRALLES, N.M. (KOAT) - Buying a Christmas tree can be a stretch for families struggling in the tough economic times, but one business in New Mexico is trying to spread holiday cheer by using the “pay what you can” approach.

Chad Akenhead and his family are not selling their Christmas trees to make a profit this year.

“Money is cool, but to make people happy and families, and businesses and livelihoods continue to go on through these crazy times. No amount can beat that,” Akenhead said.

Akenhead decided to sell over 40 Christmas trees for whatever amount families could afford to pay.

“Basically, whatever you feel the tree is worth and you want to donate is totally fine or if you don’t have any money at all and your family needs a tree, come on down and you’re more than welcome to take one,” he said.

All of the money raised is going to small businesses in Corralles, New Mexico, struggling through the pandemic.

“Just seeing people affected by it, family members who’ve lost their jobs, gone on unemployment. What a better time to help people that have been affected by all this stuff,” Akenhead said.

He says that it is a little pick-me-up to help local families and businesses get through these trying times.

“That’s kind of all we want to do, help in any way. If we can make a difference in a few different lives, that’s it,” he said.

The trees sold out on Wednesday and raised $4000.

“It was beautiful watching you all come out today and help complete strangers carry and lift trees for one another. All coming together during such a trying time,” Akenhead said in an Instagram post.

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