Anonymous donors buy coffee for shop patrons more than 200 days in a row

STILLWATER, Minn. (WCCO) - The acts of kindness just keep coming at a coffee shop just outside of Minneapolis.

The Palm family own The Daily Grind and juggling their business and their children’s education during the pandemic has been hard on them.

“We’ve taken our kids to work every single day since the shutdown, so it’s take-your-kid-to-school year,” Tim Palm said.

Donors have brought a little joy to their toils in the form of free coffee for everyone.

“Someone has put down $100 every morning to buy people coffee for 244 days in a row,” he said.

The pay-it-forward gesture has lasted every day since the pandemic began in March.

The $100 donation is coming from different people every day, sometimes even outside of Stillwater, Minnesota.

“We get phone calls from out of state - Florida and California,” Palm said.

While $100 a day is not paying any big bills, it is giving customers a small gift of kindness when they need it most.

“A $2 coffee will make someone just cry in front of me,” he said.

Witnessing the generosity of strangers might be the most important lesson taught at this café every day.

“There are good people out there,” Palm said.

The Palm family say they do not have an end date in mind for the free coffee, but say they will continue to distribute it as long as donors want to pay it forward.

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