Loachapoka enforcing fines for people who litter

Loachapoka enforcing fines for people who litter

LOACHAPOKA, Ala. (WTVM) - The Loachapoka community is pushing to stop citizens from throwing their trash in certain areas.

The Lee County Commission voted Monday night to enforce fines and incorporate ways to keep an eye on people in the community who are littering.

District 5 Commissioner Richard LaGrand was sad to see people continue to litter after their efforts to keep certain spots clean.

“We had a plan A the plan B. Unfortunately, we have to start enforcing some fines obliviously, and have to be more visible. We are not giving up on the trash situation not only in Loachapoka, but all over the districts,” said LaGrand.

Originally, Loachapoka tried using signs to encourage people to keep the area clan, but the signs didn’t do much help.

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