2021 kicks off with new Georgia Laws

Updated: Jan. 1, 2021 at 11:41 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The new year has brought new laws for the Peach State.

There’s over 20 new laws in Georgia now.

To name a few, there’s the “Police Hate Crime Bill” and “Lacee’s Law.”

The Police Hate Crime Bill is a law that if someone intimidates, harasses or terrorizes a police officer just because they are law enforcement, that’s considered a crime.

The new year kicks off with new laws for the state of Georgia.
The new year kicks off with new laws for the state of Georgia.(WALB)

Lacee’s Law will give additional coverage for extra screenings for those at a high risk of breast cancer.

Another new law will benefit those military spouses licensed in other states, as they can now practice certain professions and jobs and get a license to practice in Georgia.

Dr. Judith L. Hatch said people should be disciplined if they attempt to provoke law enforcement.

“Citizens should never believe that they have the opportunity to walk up to the police and say something untoward without suffering the consequences,” said Hatch.

While Hatch said there are good and bad cops, she thinks this law will probably get the most backlash.

Lacee’s Law is personal to Hatch.

“I have many people in my family that have had breast cancer. I know so many people that have died from breast cancer and the ability to have your insurance screened for a higher possibility to have more of their bill paid is an excellent thing,” said Hatch

Hatch is in the insurance business, so she knows that claims may only pay 25 percent of debt. She said this new law will be beneficial for many.

A Georgia Recruiter for the National guard, Jasmine Ross knows what people in the military have to go through when they move around.

“I think that’s great because I have co-workers that their spouses are in the military and they’re a pharmacist for one and whenever they have to leave or have to transfer or something, I feel like this a good law for them to keep their license and can get into other states,” said Ross.

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