Poll manager in Columbus offers insight into voting system integrity ahead of Senate runoffs

Poll manager in Columbus offers insight into voting system integrity ahead of Senate runoffs

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A poll manager at Cornerstone Church of God in Columbus continues to adapt to the challenges brought forward by the coronavirus.

Ann Porter and her poll workers have a new challenge, dealing with distrust in the community due to voter fraud allegations.

“We are fair and honest with our voting system and that is how I feel,” Porter said.

Porter has dedicated her life to being a polling manager for Muscogee County elections, and as she and her poll workers finish up last minute touches before the polls open for the Senate runoff races Tuesday, she is speaking out about the integrity of the voting system.

“We try to be as close to perfect as possible,” Porter said. “Some of the rumors that we have heard are not true. We do not have that problem here. Voting is safe.”

President Donald Trump is voicing his concerns about widespread voter fraud being committed by election workers across Georgia, but Porter says that is not the case at her precinct.

“That is not happening, at least not here at Cornerstone,” Porter said. “We do not touch their ballot. They put it in the machine themselves and when someone just wants to stick it in and go, we ask them to wait and when it clicks, it is in the ballot box and no one can tamper with it.”

In addition to the scrutiny from the public eye over allegations of voter fraud, the pandemic is causing Porter to lose many of her senior poll workers.

“We had to hire some new ones, but we go through a training process with them,” she said.

Porter says she expects at least 2,000 voters to cast their ballots at her precinct, but if there are more, she is well prepared.

“I run my poll like a business,” Porter said. “We are courteous and nice to everyone, but no playing around.”

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