Congressman Sanford Bishop reacts to his experience during Capitol chaos

Updated: Jan. 7, 2021 at 4:55 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A Georgia congressman was present when the chaos unfolded at the United States Capitol Wednesday and called the experience “frightening”.

Anti-American, seditious, and unpatriotic are the three words Congressman Sanford Bishop, who represents Columbus, said describe what happened at the Capitol.

“It was a pretty disruptive situation and it was frightening for a lot of people,” Bishop said.

Bishop was preparing to head to the house floor when the Capitol was put into a shelter in place order. Protestors scaled the walls, entered offices, and left the federal building a mess.

“It was a seditious act, and of course to interfere with the constitutional duties of a joint session of Congress is unamerican, definitely not patriotic, and it’s seditious,” he said.

The Columbus congressman said he is appalled, shocked, and disappointed by what he saw. Especially as these acts occurred during a joint session to certify electoral college votes.

“It’s very inconsistent with our traditions in the leading democracy on the face of the earth,” Bishop said.

One thing Bishop said stands out, is the fact President-elect Joe Biden spoke to Americans prior to President Donald Trump.

“I think it speaks to his character,” the Columbus congressman said. “It speaks to his sensitivity for the suffering and the hurt people across the country have experienced and are now experiencing.”

Bishop said this is the start of a new administration and he urges Americans to stay calm.

“Be patient,” he said. “We just have a few more days. A new era is coming. There will be a new team here in Washington working to improve their lives and help them cover and build back better.”

A spokesman for Republican Representative Drew Ferguson made the following statement:

“Congressman Ferguson believes the acts of violence yesterday were despicable and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. He continues to pray for those that were hurt, the Capitol Police and all of the law enforcement and military who so bravely defended the Capitol.

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