Columbus addresses illegal dumping after residents’ complaints

Columbus addresses illegal dumping after residents complaints

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Trash buildup around certain parts of Columbus has been a concern for some residents for months, and they’re blaming city leaders who are now taking action.

At Lawyers Lane and Forsyth Avenue, it may not look like much Friday, but a couple of days ago, the area was filled with mattresses, flooring, and bags of garbage. Mayor Skip Henderson says the city has started to clean up this area after multiple complaints.

This is a dangerous area to be picking up trash in,” said nearby resident Jimmy Davis.

Residents say illegal dumping has been an ongoing issue for months. People say they are frustrated after numerous complaints were made and how the City of Columbus is just now starting to pay attention.

“We have couches, we have tires, we have flooring,” Abeika Alexander said.

Alexander says she has been trying to get this mess cleaned up for almost a year now, and although she is grateful the city is working to resolve the issue now, she feels like there is a bigger problem at hand.

“This has been happening for decades,” she said. “We have several environmental acts that address the issues of illegal dumping in predominately black and impoverished neighborhoods.”

A quick drive down other areas of town like Cusseta Road and Fulton Avenue also reflects some eyesores, which raises the question, just how is the City of Columbus addressing this issue?

Henderson says quality control teams within the Columbus Consolidated Government look for problem areas in the community and must submit work orders to resolve them.

“They are required to turn in 10 work orders every hour and they ride around to districts that are more impoverished that do have a higher crime rate,” Henderson said.

Henderson says charges can be taken against those who choose to illegally dump and residents who witness this can actually call 311 to report it.

“From that point, it is on us. If we are not picking it up timely, you need to let someone in the mayor’s office or city managers’ office know,” Henderson said.

Henderson says the area is a reoccurring problem for illegal dumping and he says he may consider putting up cameras to catch anyone in the act.

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