Beulah community expresses concerns of proposed rock quarry

Beulah community expresses concerns of proposed rock quarry

BEULAH, Ala. (WTVM) - Beulah residents are fighting to keep a rock quarry out of their community.

Monday night, some of those residents showed up at the Lee County Commission meeting to voice their opposition to the project just as they did back in August 2020. Four months prior, Creekwood Resources announced plans to put a granite quarry near Lee Road 177 and Highway 29.

Three residents spoke at the meeting about why they don’t want to see a quarry near their homes.

I hope that we gain full support of the commission,” said resident Tara Brumfield. “Our main goal is to get legal counsel in representation to help us fight this quarry, and that we obtain the commissions full support to make sure that this quarry doesn’t come to our community.”

The commission agreed to look into obtaining legal counsel to help stop the quarry from being built. Creekwood Resources withdrew its application in March 2020 to build a quarry in Lee County after receiving opposition from residents and Auburn city leaders.

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