Community continues donations to families impacted by Whisperwood fire

Whisperwood Fire Follow Up

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Today marks one month since a fire displaced 17 families, right before Christmas. Since then, the Chattahoochee Valley community has shown a tremendous outpour of support to the 50 or so people left with absolutely nothing.

“I just want to say that everyone should never take anything for granted... anything, because literally in a second in a matter of seconds, it could all be gone,” said Cierra Washington, a Whisperwood resident.

Different people in the community immediately did all they could to provide aid and relief for the families impacted by the fire. Terrance Flowers, owner of 4.0 Fitness on Buena Vista Road, turned his gym into a makeshift clothing bank. The gym accepted donations like clothes, shoes, and toiletries on behalf of the families, which were later donated to them. According to Flowers, he’s still making monetary donations to families.

“If any victim of the Whisperwood fire is a lease holder, one person per family can stop by 4.0 Fitness on Buena Vista Road,” said Flowers. “I have something for you from myself and the citizens of Columbus. I think it’s important as people man, we have to realize that we all have more in common, than we have differences.”

Cierra Washington, a victim of the Whisperwood fire, said, ”Make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them. I’m just so glad that people were not injured or, have died because of this. It just shows who’s really there for you. Even strangers are there for you. I just want to thank everyone.”

According to a report from the Columbus Fire Department, the cause of the fire was determined to be accidental and associated with an electrical problem.

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