MCSD moves to phase 2 of reopening plan

MCSD moves to phase 2 of reopening plan

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The Muscogee County School District’s (MCSD) phase two of its reopening is underway.

According to the MCSD choice model, all grade levels have began reporting to the classrooms.

Superintendent Dr. David Lewis previous spoke with News Leader 9 and outlined the district’s plan to phase students back into the classroom. He said the district’s ability to continue to provide traditional learning will rely heavily on the community. According to Lewis, schools aren’t seeing the spread of COVID-19 dramatically.

“But what we are seeing is those conditions that are out of our control, like when people gather, whether it be for parties or informally in other situations. Those are the things that continue to increase the spread in not only our community, but then that could potentially bring that in our school,” said Lewis.

Lewis said MCSD has a mandatory health screening for all teachers and it’s optional for students. He encourages parents to complete the screening to help with contact tracing and isolating those who could potentially come in contact with coronavirus.

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