Georgia remains in Phase 1A of COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Georgia remains in Phase 1A of COVID-19 vaccine distribution

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - After almost two months of administering doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, we Phase 1A is still underway, which is includes first responders, healthcare workers, and seniors citizens.

“Things are going about the same as they were before,” said Pamela Kirkland with the Columbus Health Department. “We’re starting to get our shipments in a little more regularly. Even if we did 1,000 vaccines a week, which would be impossible to do, but even if we did 1,000 a week, we’d still be looking in to April and May by the time we would even get close to the end of where we are right now.”

According to Kirkland, there are about 18,000 people registered to receive their vaccine in Phase 1A of the 16 districts of the West Central Health District.

“We know it’s frustrating, and we’re frustrated too, because we’d like to get everybody as quickly as possible.” said Kirkland. “We will contact them on a weekly basis, just to let them know that they’re still on the list. We still have the registration, and so not to worry. “It’s up to the manufacturer how quickly they can get those vaccines made and shipped out to all the people who have ordered them.”

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