Doctor offers to help woman who sprayed Gorilla Glue in hair

LOS ANGELES (KCAL/KCBS) - A plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills is offering help to a Louisiana woman who put Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive in her hair after she ran out of hairspray.

Tessica Brown arrived in California Wednesday. She hasn’t been able to get the polyurethane out of her follicles for a month.

Her social media posts about her predicament have become an internet sensation.

“Bad, bad, bad idea. Y’all look. My hair, it don’t move,” Brown said on Instagram. “I used this: Gorilla Glue spray.”

She’s tried everything to get it out, from baby oil to cooking oil to shampoo. Nothing has done the trick so far.

Brown went to the emergency room, too, but the acetone wipes they gave her burned her scalp.

Dr. Michael Obeng of MIKO Plastic Surgery believes he can help.

“When I found out this was a reality. You can only feel compassion and sympathy for Tessica,” he said. “Tomorrow the procedure will be to dissolve the polyurethane which is gorilla glue is made of.”

The procedure normally costs more than $12,000, but Obeng will do it for free.

He said he’s never dealt with something like this before, but his office has already done a simulation using the same Gorilla Glue that Brown used. They attached hair to a skeleton’s skull.

“We waited for about three hours and we used it and it was very successful,” Obeng said.

He’s not anticipating any hair loss for Brown, but says there may be some damage to her hair.

“We are going to look for signs for chemical burns and we have the solutions to stop burning if we identify them,” Obeng said. “This going to be done through anesthesia so she will not have any pain at all.

“I’m very hopeful that it will survive and she will have a full head of hair when all is said and done.”

Gorilla Glue reminds customers that its spray adhesive should never be used as a hair product.

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