’Allocation exhausted’: $200 million small business grant program for Alabama out of money

’Allocation exhausted’: $200 million small business grant program for Alabama out of money
(Source: eric prado)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WBRC) - Revive Plus, a $200 million grant program to support small businesses, non-profits and faith-based organizations in Alabama that have been impacted by COVID-19, is out of money.

Governor Kay Ivey announced Monday, February 22, “At this point, the Revive Plus Program allocation has been exhausted and funding is no longer available to continue the review of applications. However, all applications will be kept on file to be reviewed in the order which it was received should the U.S. Congress provide additional federal funds in the future.”

Here is a breakdown of allocations from Revive Plus and other grant programs.

Revive Alabama -- July & August 2020

  • Total grants approved: 7,925
  • Total funding given out: $96,584,526

Revive Plus – Completed February 22, 2021

  • Total grant applications approved: 11,216
  • Total funding given out: $206,996,126

Non-Profit Program:

  • Total grants approved: 1,345
  • Total funding given out: $18,395,425

Faith-Based Program:

  • Total grants approved: 957
  • Total funding given out: $13,382,149

Medical Provider Program:

  • Total grants approved: 1,177
  • Total funding given out: $16,661,253

Agribusiness Program:

Poultry Processor Livestock Auction Cattle Producer

Poultry Breeder Poultry Broiler Nursery Grower

Ag. CFAP Meat Processor Fruit and Vegetable Processor

Catfish Processor

  • Total grants approved: 1,423
  • Total funding given out: $17,606,004.88

Timber Owners Program:

  • Total grants approved: 756
  • Total funding given out: $2,546,191.79

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