Citizens speak out on renaming Lee Rd. 295 in Smiths Station

Citizens speak out on renaming Lee Rd. 295 in Smiths Station

SMITHS STATION, Ala. (WTVM) - The City of Smiths Station has decided to change all the names of its roads.

During a city council meeting Tuesday, citizens spoke on the issue of Lee Rd. 295 being changed to Stringer Road instead of the originally proposed Stringer-Weeks Road, which was meant to commemorate the two families living on the road.

According to Mayor Bubba Copeland, the problem with the proposed name is that the post office does not recognize hyphens when it comes to mail.

Therefore, when the list of new names for the roads was brought before the city council, Stringer Rd. was included and not Stringer-Weeks Rd.

“The post office does not recognize hyphens or commas, so we had to take all of the commas and hyphens out and therefore we solidified the road names tonight and did a one-year moratorium on any changes,” said Smiths Station Mayor Bubba Copeland.

Families who oppose say they would rather see the road the way it was originally announced in August since more members of the Weeks family live on the road.

“There was a document printed in the Opelika Observer that Lee Road 295 would be changed to Stringer hyphen Weeks,” said Smiths Station resident Shaunlonnicka Upshaw.

Because of the moratorium, the current renaming of Lee Rd. 295 will have to remain Stringer Rd. for a year until it can be changed again.

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