Andrew College celebrates baseball, softball record-winning coaches

Andrew College celebrates two teams record win by coaches

RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - Andrew College is celebrating two monumental successes in their baseball and softball departments.

Andrew College’s baseball and softball head coaches were celebrated by their teams and fans as the school marked their 200th and 100th win in their careers. And the best part? The two are married.

“What we’re here today to celebrate besides being able to play ball on a beautiful, early spring day, are some career markers of our very beloved young power coaching couple,” said Linda Buchanan, Andrew College President.

Winning is nothing new to couple Blake and Kayla Williams. In a matter of just eight days, the two celebrated record-breaking achievements in their careers at Andrew College. 200 baseball wins for Coach Blake and 100 softball wins for Coach Kayla.

“It’s been an awesome experience. You know, we’ve both been very blessed to work here at Andrew College, and, you know, so there’s not very many married couples that get to do what we do,” said Baseball Head Coach Blake Williams.

The Williams were awarded placards by Andrew College’s president Saturday afternoon before the two went off to coach their games.

“This is a good day for Andrew College and for them and we just wanted to lift them up and celebrate it,” said Buchanan.

Blake Williams became head coach at Andrew College in 2012, and Kayla joined him in 2014. The couple says they are blessed to be able to coach together.

“Our offices are right down the hall from each other, so it’s definitely a good communication tool for us, and you know, we get to leave our house in the mornings and go to work together,” said Coach Blake.

Coach Blake Williams celebrated his 200th win away, while Coach Kayla had her 100th win at the college’s Hord Field. 200 wins makes Coach Blake the current leader in wins in Andrew College baseball. They both say part of their success comes from their players.

“I think the relationship aspect, being in a smaller college here, we definitely get that relationship with the student off the field and on the field,” said Head Softball Coach Kayla Williams.

Their love for their players shows, according to some families that were at the games Saturday.

“Blake really cared a lot for the boys and looked out for the boys, whether it was baseball on the field or off the field,” said Keri Amabile, an Andrew College baseball parent.

“It’s been a good relationship, through recruiting, through visits, she’s taken care of everything,” said Scott Barber, an Andrew College softball parent.

“Getting to 200 wins is exciting, but it’s not really a personal thing, you know, I feel like it’s definitely a team thing and it’s something that the blessing comes from is hearing from a lot of past players and hearing the experiences and stories they have,” said Coach Blake.

Coach Blake Williams says that they hope to continue seeing the baseball and softball programs thrive - as well as Andrew College itself.

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