MCSD to hold in-person graduations for seniors

Updated: Mar. 3, 2021 at 9:04 PM EST
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The Muscogee County School District (MCSD) announced Wednesday that it plans to hold in-person graduation ceremonies for seniors.

“I am very pleased to say yes there will be in-person graduations this school year,” said MCSD Superintendent Dr. David Lewis.

A decrease in COVID-19 cases across Muscogee County prompted Lewis to make that decision.

“Just to be able to say I did it, I walked across that stage, I was able to turn my tassel from left to right with my friends and family watching, it is a big deal,” Nick Nicholson said.

Nicholson, a parent of a graduating senior says his daughter has missed out on so much in her last year in high school because of the pandemic. But now knowing he will have the opportunity to watch his daughter celebrate her academic achievement means everything.

“Just to have a little bit of something that is a normalcy for seniors would be a great big deal and for me also,” Nicholson said.

According to Lewis, eight of the nine high schools in Columbus will be hosting their graduations and rehearsals at the Civic Center from May 18 to May 22.

The Rainey-McCuller’s School of the Arts will hold its ceremony in the auditorium. All ceremonies will have COVID-19 protocols in place like social distancing.

“There is a certain number of seats available in the Civic Center that will be divided up into pods, so we have to adjust to the size of the class and so on,” Lewis said.

Masks will also be a requirement. MCSD staff is collaborating with Civic Center staff to iron out the specifics.

Nicholson says he is confident they are taking the right precautions.

“I trust that they will do what they need to do. I know my daughter would do anything she needs to do to walk across that stage and graduate in person,” Nicholson said.

Lewis says depending on COVID-19 cases in the community, in-person graduation is subject to change, but stresses to continue to do what we can like wearing masks and socially distancing to keep the case count down so seniors can have their moment.

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