Talbot Co. elects new sheriff, officers meet with community

Talbot Co. elects new sheriff, officers meet with community

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - In Talbot County, law enforcement officers are making an effort to get to know their community.

There’s a new sheriff in town for Talbot County. Justin Johnson, formerly the Chief of Police of the City of Talbotton, was elected as the county’s newest sheriff in January. Citizens came out Saturday to meet him and other new officers he’s recently appointed.

Community. That’s what Talbot County’s newest sheriff Justin Johnson emphasizes in his role.

“Just trying to make a difference, every day is something new, just trying to make a difference here in Talbot County,” said Sheriff Justin Johnson.

Sherriff Johnson, along with other Talbot County law enforcement, brought their citizens together Saturday with good food and company to promote fellowship between law and order and the community.

“They should know who is actually governing them, they should be familiar with them, and I feel like it’ll be a smoother outcome worldwide,” said Tiffany Warrior, Talbot Co. Sheriff’s Office Secretary.

Sheriff Johnson was elected into his new position January 1. Citizens at the event say they’re happy to see Johnson lead the county.

“Talbot County will be doing well with him being a sheriff because he really believes in law and order,” said Edward Warrior, Talbot County citizen.

“He’s working with us seeing what our needs are, and when we tell him a need, he addresses it, he don’t throw it under the rug,” said Annie Bailey, City of Woodland council member.

Johnny Middlebrooks was Sheriff Johnson’s assistant chief in Talbotton before his new position as Deputy Chief of Talbot County. He says getting to know the community has been a high effort of theirs, especially during the pandemic.

“It puts a lot of strain on people, so just taking time to empathize in certain situations when it’s called for,” said Johnny Middlebrooks, Deputy Chief of Talbot County. “We’re here to protect and serve, and this is part of our serving, we want to give back to the community and build a great positive relationship.”

Other citizens say today was a great opportunity to be able to ask officers any questions that they may have, and get to know their county even better.

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