Three men dead in Columbus after two separate shootings

Three men dead in Columbus after two separate shootings

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Three men are dead and two families are heartbroken and seeking justice for their loved ones.

Two separate shootings claimed the lives of three Columbus men, 22-year-old Eric Giddens and his brother, 21- year-old Quindarrius Giddens, as well as 50-year-old Paul Lokey.

At the scene of the shooting at the Motel 6 on Veterans Parkway, police arrested and charged 25-year-old Jacob Martel for the murder of the Giddens brothers. Ben Smith, the brother-in-law of the Giddens brothers says his family just want to know why, and they’re seeking justice.

According to Smith, he looked at the two men as though they were his real brothers and knows their nieces and nephews are going to miss them dearly.

“That was their children, basically,” said Smith. “They loved them to death. My uncle, my uncle, my uncle. They would always come around and play basketball with them and everything. They’d do a whole lot of stuff with them. They would count on them for some things. It’s just too much going on, senseless killings out here today. Why take loved ones family members for nothing? They were some of my best friends, and all that. I know that if they needed me, I could help them out with whatever they needed. They were good guys in the community. I mean, why? Why all the murders? It’s just senseless. It doesn’t make any sense.”

According to police, officers found Lokey at the scene of a car accident on South Andrews Circle. They believe he was shot in his car just before the wreck. He later died at the hospital. Lokey’s murder raised the homicide total to 23 for the year in Columbus.

41-year-old, Travis Scott was with him in the car when the accident happened. He was taken to the hospital for his injuries. Lokey’s family declined to comment at this time. Police haven’t said whether or not they have a suspect for Lokey’s murder yet.

Police haven’t released a motive for why they believe Martel is responsible for the deaths of the two Giddens brothers. Martel is set to appear in Recorder’s Court Friday morning. Anyone with more information on deaths of Lokey or the Giddens brothers is encouraged to contact the Columbus Police Department.

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