St. Mary’s Road United Methodist Church hosts vaccine event

The church was able to vaccinate over 500 people.
Published: Mar. 28, 2021 at 9:18 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - St. Mary’s Road United Methodist Church partnered with the Georgia Department of Public Health Saturday morning to administer 510 shots of the COVID-19 vaccine to the community. This is a first of many more faith based communities to have this opportunity.

“One thing about it, you’re looking out for yourself and for those that you love,” said Terrance Young, COVID-19 vaccine recipient.

“The process was super easy, this has been super organized. Everybody has been super nice, the whole process probably wasn’t 5 minutes,” said Kitrina Ray, another COVID-19 vaccine recipient.

The Georgia Department of Public Health is looking to partner with faith-based communities in the area to get the vaccine into the arms of those who might have a problem getting access to it.

“We realize that not everybody can get to our Health Department or the vaccine clinic down at the Civic Center, there may be transportation issues that at lot of people have, so we’re trying to get out into the hard to reach communities,” said Pamela Kirkland, Public Relations Coordinator for the Georgia Department of Health.

The church is located in a neighborhood, which Reverend Adriane Burgess says is a great opportunity to reach those who don’t have transportation.

“They were able to walk to our event that otherwise couldn’t get to another drive-thru event across town,” said Burgess.

For partnership with faith-based communities, the Health Department provides the COVID-19 vaccines - and the church provides their own members of medical personnel and non-medical volunteers to run the drive-thru event and administer the vaccine.

“I think that it was amazing, volunteering was amazing, being able to see some of my church members I haven’t seen since early 2020,” said Breanca Martin, Church member and volunteer.

Reverend Burgess said she hopes the event helped those in the community who were hesitant about getting the vaccine feel more comfortable.

“We thought it was an opportunity to help give that information and the opportunity to the African American community with leaders that they were already familiar with in the community giving the vaccine and running the program,” said Burgess.

“We really need to be pro-active, we really need to be responsible to get out and take these vaccines so we can make people safe,” said Michael Sherman, Sr. Pastor at Wynnton Hill Baptist Church - who got a COVID-19 vaccine at the event Saturday.

Pamela Kirkland with The Department of Public Health said while they don’t have anything officially scheduled yet, they are working with other faith-based communities to get more vaccine events set up.

If any faith-based community is interested, they can click here.

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