Cure Violence Columbus talks current efforts in ending local violence

Homicide #23 this year occurred Sunday morning.

Cure Violence Columbus talks current efforts in ending local violence

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The solution to the growing violence remains a mystery in Columbus.

23 homicides in three months. The most recent victim of the Columbus violence is 22-year-old Brandon Davis. He was found shot to death on North Lumpkin Road, near an activity center and after- party spot

“There’s just a subculture of individuals out there right now that for whatever reason, it appears they don’t have any value for human life,” said Skip Henderson, mayor of Columbus.

In just three months, the city of Columbus has already seen half the number of homicides as last year.

The question is, what’s being done? Reggie Lewis with Cure Violence Columbus said people can expect their initiative to launch in May.

“We’re going into these different communities where we have seen a high number of homicides occurring and assaults occurring, and we’re walking the streets and meeting with the community residents as well as community based organizations,” said Lewis.

Lewis said they’re partnering with several community groups that help with tackling mental health and behavior issues in the community, like Goodwill’s Mission Services.

“Connect individuals in our community to jobs, employment, as well as the skills they need to prepare them for employment and to retain employment,” said Tricia Konan, Vice President of Goodwill Mission Services.

“People are opening up and talking about what they’re doing, and what we’ve seen our community is a lot of times we have a lot of people doing stuff in the community, but no one knows about it,” said Lewis.

Cure Violence Columbus is in the process of conducting an assessment, but it is not expected to be completed until May. In the meantime, leaders say the community needs to get involved now.

“If you’re looking for someone else to do everything, then it’s going to take much longer than if I start doing something myself - and then meet someone else that’s doing something also,” said Cedric Hill of Cure Violence Columbus.

One thing Lewis said that the community can do right now to help stop the violence is to provide information to local law enforcement, so they can get a hold on these nonstop homicides - including the most recent homicide case that took Brandon Davis’ life.

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