GEMA mass vaccination site in Columbus administers 10,000th COVID-19 vaccination

GEMA mass vaccination site in Columbus administers 10,000th COVID-19 vaccination

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The GEMA mass vaccination site in Columbus reached a milestone Wednesday.

The site at the Columbus Civic Center administered dose number 10,000 of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine this, while also gearing up for people to receive their second doses this week.

GEMA officials said if you have not already set up your second dose appointment at the Civic Center site, or are having trouble, you can come directly to the Civic Center after three weeks and they will give you your booster vaccination.

“GEMA has been our Calvary, as they’ve come riding into town to try to help us get folks vaccinated,” said Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson. “This is a big day. We just put the 10,000 dose from the GEMA site into the arm of a Muscogee County resident, and this is a day to really kind of celebrate.”

According to site coordinator Jason Ritter, it’s about time for the people who were first in line to schedule their second dose, but people shouldn’t worry if they haven’t been able to set up their appointment. People who received those first doses of the Pfizer vaccine at the Civic Center might not have seen the option online to schedule their shot in Columbus when they received an email notifying them it was time to set up their appointments.

According to Ritter, that’s because it just wasn’t time yet, and as of Wednesday, people should be able to go on and get it taken care of.

“If they don’t have a second appointment by now, they can make that as of today, because those appointments have been made available now that our third week is here,” said Ritter. However, anybody who’s been here in the last 10 days or so, that second appointment was made while they were in our observation area. But if they have any trouble with it, they can come down here and see us. We will make sure they get their second dose.”

GEMA officials reiterate their goal is to deliver more than 1,000 shots a day. The site is now opening another drive-thru lane for people who people drive up but don’t have an appointment. You can schedule your appointment to receive your COVID-19 vaccine with GEMA here.

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