West Point preparing for huge economic developments

Close to 900 new jobs coming to the city.

West Point preparing for huge economic developments

WEST POINT, Ga. (WTVM) - A town in Troup County is preparing for large economic developments, the kind that put people to work.

The City of West Point will be able to provide close to 900 new jobs with recent expansions and developments to its automotive industry. And they’re expecting this to increase the city’s population as well.

“We sat idle for years after the textile industry left West Point, but now with Kia here and all of the suppliers that keep moving in, we’re constantly adding new jobs, hopefully adding more and more housing, and growing our community,” said West Point Mayor Steve Tramell.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced Monday the $9 million investment at Hyundai TRANSYS Georgia Seating System to expand its operations.

This announcement is in addition to several new development projects already announced, including a new $240 million facility at Hyundai TRANSYS and job expansion at Jin-Tech America, a supplier of interior automotive parts.

“I think it’s exciting to see, you know, the next generation of automobiles and being built here in West Point,” said Meghan Duke, West Point Development Authority director.

Hyundai TRANSYS joins Jin-Tech America, which also expanded its operations recently. Both companies provide parts to West Point’s Kia facility.

More business translates to more jobs, and those jobs translate into more residents.

“You can have a single family home, you can have a nice apartment, nice brand new apartment, and all these new jobs, and can come live here in West Point,” said Tramell.

Tramell said the city is building a new apartment complex near the West Point Coca-Cola facility and they’re also building many new homes in the Villages of Harris Creek neighborhood on Highway 103.

For Johnny’s Pizza owner, Ben Hamilton, the thought of more foot traffic at businesses like his is pretty appetizing.

“As things are starting to recover, it’s great to see that people are taking the time and initiative to invest in West Point. The more people we can get down here, the better off we’ll be,” said Hamilton.

“Our downtown has seen growth from the lunch hour crowd eating downtown and visiting, so we are excited about all the momentum that these projects have brought to West Point,” said Duke.

Hyundai TRANSYS Georgia Seating System is already accepting applications, according to West Point city leaders. Those interested in applying are encouraged to send a resume to resumes@hyundai-transys.com. Duke says job opportunities can also be found on Indeed.

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