Lifetime pistol permit one signature away from becoming law

Pistol permit requests are at an all time high in several counties across the Tennessee...
Pistol permit requests are at an all time high in several counties across the Tennessee Valley. Sheriff’s offices use that money to pay for their supplies.(Source: WAFF)
Updated: Apr. 8, 2021 at 9:34 PM EDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WBRC) - A bill to create a lifetime carry pistol permit in Alabama has made it through both the house and the senate. It will now head to Gov. Kay Ivey’s desk, where her signature would make it law.

Under the bill, approved last Thursday, Alabamians would be able to purchase lifetime pistol permits for only $300.

Senators voted 25-6 for the bill by Sen. Randy Price, of Opelika, allowing the lifetime permits as well as a database of people prohibited from carrying firearms.

But everyone is not on board. Eddie Fulmer, president of Bama Carry, a nonprofit gun group says he’s against the passing of this bill.

“If I get pulled over a law enforcement officer is going to run my tag before he walks up to my door,” says Fulmer. “Let’s just say that the database shows that I’m a prohibited person and can’t have a weapon and it’s wrong. How is the officer going to approach the car. Because if I’m a prohibited person. I am presumably a criminal.”

Fulmer says this will also be an issue for sheriff offices within the state.

“Another thing it will do will take money away from our sheriffs departments,” says Fulmer, “Because part of the permit money now they use to buy equipment for the local counties is going to be going to the state to keep up this database”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s department gave WBRC a statement about the bill: “This is Alabama State Law and we will make any and all adjustments to adhere to that law.”

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