Columbus spring carnival has successful week after last year’s cancellation

Last day of spring fling in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Sunday was the last day of the Spring Fling carnival in Columbus, and many people took advantage of it after taking a year off last year due to the pandemic.

Fun is the perfect word to describe the Spring Fling carnival - especially after the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled their attendance in Columbus last year.

“We are very ecstatic that people were able to come out and enjoy a fun, safe time during Spring Fling - and, of course, socially distance and wear their mask,” said Kanise Wiggins, Columbus Civic Center market manager.

Attendees could eat, ride, and have a blast with their friends and family knowing they were protected and safe.

“It’s been pretty good on the masks thing, I mean we can’t enforce customers - we can our help, and we enforce that on our help, and we spray every day sanitizer on our rides that last 72 hours - but we do it daily,” said Eric Nole, Spring Fling manager.

Although they don’t have full count on how many people came for the fun, Civic Center Marketing Manager Kanise Wiggins says it’s been packed all week.

“We’ve had a great turnout, the entire week we’ve had a great turnout. On Wednesday, we had nearly5,000 people come out,” said Wiggins.

With the GEMA vaccination site just next door, carnival manager Eric Nole says it was a great opportunity for employees to roll up their sleeves.

“We have people from all kinds of states out here, and they couldn’t get them before they went to work to be back home to get their second shot, so this worked out perfect the guy was really nice and I think we probably did close to a hundred of our employees,” said Nole.

Overall, Nole says people are just happy to have something to do again.

“They’re just ready to get out and do stuff. You can just tell,” said Nole. “And they’re nice, everybody is pleasant, you know, it’s nice to get out of the house.”

Nole says they’re planning for Spring Fling to come back to the Civic Center around this same time next spring, so if you missed it - there’s always next year.

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