Georgia Department of Public Health releases state-wide website for vaccine registration

Georgia Department of Public Health releases state-wide website for vaccine registration

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - With the increase of vaccination availability and locations, COVID-19 vaccination registration issues may soon be a thing of the past for Georgians.

A new online registration portal now gives Georgia citizens the control of when, where, and how to get their COVID-19 vaccine. It’s a way the Georgia Department of Public Health is helping to get more shots in peoples’ arms.

Tons of demand, but not enough supply. That was the Georgia Department of Public Health’s issue when the COVID-19 vaccine first rolled out in the state.

When Georgians tried to register for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, many people played the waiting game to hear back from the Department of Public Health.

“We kind of had to just wait until we knew we were gonna have vaccines and open it up for say, 300 people, and then notify them that it was okay for them to make an appointment and then they had to contact us to make the appointment,” said Pamela Kirkland with the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Now, with more vaccine eligibility and availability, Pamela Kirkland with the Department of Public Health says their new state-wide COVID-19 vaccination site makes it much easier for Georgians to get their shot scheduled.

“You just go onto the website and pretty much pick anywhere you want to go in the state at any of the state health departments and make your appointment yourself,” said Kirkland.

The new system gives you the opportunity to choose your own location, time, and date versus waiting for a call from the health department to give you that appointment.

Kirkland says the process is meant to be easier and faster - once you finish the registration, you’ll receive an email with confirmation and a special QR code to show at your appointment.

“There’s more availability, there’s more people that have already gotten it. So, it’s more open now than it was before,” said Kirkland.

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