Supply and demand remain an issue for current home buyers

Supply and demand remain an issue for current home buyers

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the housing market is once again rebounding. However, buyers are facing some issues.

“Back in 2007, there were four million homes on the market across the U.S. Right now, we’re only seeing one million,” said Carey Scott, a realtor with Prestige Property Brokers.

The supply and demand for the housing market has been tough on those looking to buy this year as homes are selling quickly.

Freda Reese, a recent seller, said her home was only on the market for one day. She added, “My realtor helped by guiding me and helping me to price it right too. I wanted to be fair, so someone can purchase and enjoy the home like I did.”

But for many other sellers, they’re now seeing buyers enter into bidding wars.

“Right now, sellers are getting multiple offers on their home and over list price. It’s been very competitive for buyers.”

Scott said for anyone looking to buy right now or in the near future, “You’re going to have to move quickly if you see something that you like or you want. And just be prepared to go over list price. And you might not get that particular deal.”

He said there should be more homes on the market as summer gets closer.

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