Health officials, Columbus community members react to potential third Pfizer vaccine dose

After the head of Pfizer says 3rd dose is “likely.”

Health officials react to potential third Pfizer vaccine dose

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Pfizer is researching whether a third booster shot will be needed within a year.

It’s by no means official, but the head of Pfizer is admitting that a third dose, taken a year after your second, may be needed.

Karen Tolbert said she was hesitant about getting the COVID-19 vaccine at first, but wanted to get it for her father. They both got their second shot at the Georgia Emergency Management Agency’s (GEMA) mass vaccination clinic in Columbus.

“We’ll do it together, and we’re going to do both shots together and we know that in two weeks, we can say we both are safe,” said Tolbert.

Even with Pfizer’s recent announcement of a potential third dose of the vaccine, Tolbert said they’ll be in line if they have to be.

“Because there are different variants out there, I’m glad that they’re adjusting and getting another shot,” said Tolbert.

“I kind of thought it was the end of it and this would help curve the pandemic somewhat, but if I have to get a third shot, I’m willing to take it,” said vaccine recipient Lavern Denson.

Pamela Kirkland with the Department of Public Health said if Pfizer does make a third dose, they will prepare as necessary for the public.

“You know, things change regularly in this COVID environment, so we kind of try to go with the flow at this point. If we do need to do a third dose for Pfizer, then that’s what we’ll do,” said Kirkland.

Edwin Whitworth with Georgia Emergency Management Agency said their mass vaccination site in Columbus surpassed 20,000 Pfizer shots Friday. While he couldn’t comment on the potential third dose, he said, “The Pfizer vaccine is what we went with exclusively here at all of our GEMA sites across the state and the Pfizer vaccine has had a very good, positive success rate throughout the state.”

“I feel better, but I’m not 100 percent, so we’re going to continue to wear our masks,” said Tolbert.

While the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine is still in speculation, we’ll let you know as soon as we know more information.

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