WTVM Editorial 4-22-21: The Good News

WTVM Editorial: The Good News
Published: Apr. 26, 2021 at 10:33 AM EDT
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(WTVM) - We may not always realize it, but there is actually quite a bit of  “good news” related to the coronavirus pandemic right now. Yes, it’s a deadly serious disease - especially for the elderly and at-risk population. But as vaccinations multiply daily, there are good things starting to happen.

One good sign is that Auburn’s annual A-Day football game allowed fan capacity of 40-percent, thanks to almost 13,000 campus vaccines.

Other positive news includes the monstrous box office results for the new Godzilla-King Kong match-up: $48.5 million dollars in just five days – and that’s with capacity limitations at theaters.

Disneyland, in long locked-down California, is even opening up soon. Even though it will be just be at 30% capacity, it’s still a good sign.

The number of people dining out keeps growing, too. Olive Garden’s parent company reported restaurant sales exceeded pre-pandemic levels during the second half of March.

And good medical news keeps coming. One example is a new study that shows the low-cost and widely-available asthma inhalant Budesonide is effective in shortening covid disease in high risk patients.

All this good news is happening because coronavirus cases in most states keep dropping. In Georgia, daily cases now number less than 1,600 compared to 10,000 a day in January. Alabama cases are dropping like a rock, too: from 6,000 cases a day to now just around 400.

All of this is not to say we should throw all caution to the wind and act like the danger has passed. We need to keep being smart. We each need to take personal responsibility to keep ourselves and our families safe.

But at the same time, it’s just as important to feel good about the positive progress being made…it’s called balance and optimism!

Over 125 million Americans have received at least one vaccine dose and as the weeks tick by, that number along with our confidence, will only grow.

And that’s a good thing.

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