Local mother and daughter celebrate Mother’s Day after heart scare

The both of them experienced heart surgeries with the same doctor - just 26 years apart.
Published: May. 8, 2021 at 9:46 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Summer and Ansley Head share a unique experience together - as the two both went through heart surgeries by the same doctor - just 26 years apart. Now, the two are celebrating their health together this Mother’s Day.

Summer Head has an unbreakable bond with her daughter Ansley since giving birth to her 9 months ago.

“I never knew that I could love someone wholeheartedly like I love this child,” said Summer Head.

But just a few months ago, the Head family had no option but to let Ansley have heart surgery - after cardiologists discovered a hole in her heart before she was born.

“I didn’t know, you know here I am praying for this healthy baby, because I miscarried before her, so praying for this healthy baby, praying that she wasn’t going to have any issues, and then we get hit with, ‘your baby’s likely gonna have to have open heart surgery,” said Head.

Eleven weeks after Ansley was born, Summer and her husband found out that one of their options they had for a surgeon - was none other than Dr. Kirk Kanter, the same doctor who performed heart surgery on Summer 26 years ago.

“The risk of me having C-H-D is higher to have a baby with C-H-D, but I never knew it was, didn’t have in my head that it was certain, so it did hit me like a ton of bricks,” said Head.

But, having Dr. Kanter take care of baby Ansley gave her the comfort she needed in her situation.

“He was shocked, he did ask me, ‘so did you have any issues’ and I was like ‘no, I’m perfectly normal, I don’t have any issues’ I said which is kind of another reason that I was so confident that you would be adequate for her,” said Head.

Sunday will be Summer’s first Mother’s day - and she said she’s grateful for every day she gets with her baby Ansley.

“Being a mom and learning a new love is just incredible, like I can’t wait for her to see how much she’s loved, I know that she feels it but I can’t wait for her to see how much she’s loved and how grateful we are for her,” said Head.

Summer said this Mother’s Day she’s going to be doing a lot of squeezing and loving on Ansley, as they celebrate this battle together.

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