Area McDonald’s in need of employees

Area McDonald’s in need of employees
Area McDonald’s in need of employees
Published: May. 20, 2021 at 12:44 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Many businesses in our area have signs up looking to hire people. One of those companies desperately in need of employees as a result of the pandemic is the Pezold Family McDonald’s throughout the Chattahoochee Valley.

General Manager Angela Jamar calls the need for employees extreme compared to the past six years she has worked at the Bradley Park McDonald’s in Columbus.

“Business is up, but employment is down,” she said.

Employees, including Jamar, are having to juggle multiple responsibilities due to the need for help.

“It makes it a little bit harder to do my job because I’m not able to do the paperwork and the business side of things as much and it also puts a lot of stress on the employees as well as the customers,” Jamar explained.

Cassie Myers, Pezold Family McDonald’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, says their are running at half capacity of employees and doing more business than before the pandemic. The Bradley Park restaurant is one of 20 of the Pezold Family McDonald’s hiring for all positions.

“Just like most people during this pandemic, just desperate for good help. We have lots of incentives that we offer as far as employment goes. We have healthcare options. We have 401K options that offers a one-to-one match for for employer. We have and employee wellness clinic that is completely free of charge,” Myers said.

Other incentives offered for employees include a free, 24 hour fitness facility and scholarship opportunities.

Myers says they’ll continue to require employees to wear masks for the foreseeable future and monitor cleaning procedures.

“The safer you feel then hopefully you will come back to work and then hopefully people start to need money because they are able to go out and do things now that things are opening back up,” she said.

“In the beginning it was really scary. I mean like being here at first we had no masks. We didn’t know what to expect and as we went through it things got better. Like I said, business has grown a lot so now we just need that employee part,” said Jamar about her experience working through the pandemic.

Myers with the Pezold Company says they’re offering incentives for employees who get vaccinated by holding a car raffle to give away a Nissan Leaf. Employees need not disclose their vaccine status.

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