Destinee Virgin’s mother “unsatisfied” with plea offer from DA’s office

Updated: May. 26, 2021 at 7:52 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Punishment could be coming soon for a murder that rocked the Fountain City. However, the mother of the victim doesn’t think justice is truly being served.

Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit’s District Attorney says that Markel Ervin is being held responsible for killing his ex girlfriend, Destinee Virgin, on Macon and Rigdon Roads.

Ervin is expected to take a plea deal - a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 30 years, from the DA’s office.

“You can’t help but replay it over in your head and think, well what if I had turned her over on her side. What if I had done anything other than what I did, would she still be here” said Steven Jordan, a witness who stayed by Destinee Virgin’s right side before she died.

Mechelle Virgin, the mother of Destinee Virgin, told News Leader 9 that she’s upset that the man charged with killing her only child is getting a ‘deal’ from the state.

“When he shot Destinee out of that car, out of a moving vehicle, my baby was hanging, her body was hanging out of that car. And he shot her from behind. She’s running from you and you shot her from behind,” said Virgin.

“He could have shot the lady that was in the car on the drivers side, while Destinee was trying to get in on the passenger side. What then, Mark Jones? You were still going to give him a plea deal? I’m not looking for the young man to get the death penalty because that is the easy way out. I want him to spend the rest of his natural born life in jail,” Virgin continued.

According to Virgin, life with the possibility of parole after a mandatory thirty year,s isn’t good enough.

District Attorney Mark Jones told News Leader 9 that because Ervin was 17 at the time of the murder, he does not qualify for the death penalty.

Jones added that the way things have been going in the circuit lately, he didn’t want to risk losing this particular case. According to him, most cases that go to trial are ending in a deadlocked jury or not guilty verdicts.

“She definitely gets input on the case and she gets to communicate with me, but it’s ultimately not her decision if a deal should be offered or accepted or what have you,” said Jones. “This way it forces him to accept responsibility on the record for what happened, and also waive his appellate rights and ensures we get a mandatory life sentence with a mandatory 30 years to where he can’t be out in the community harming anyone.”

District Attorney Mark Jones tells News Leader 9 that he thinks the deal ensures Markel Ervin can never hurt anyone in the Fountain City again. He also adds that the judge can deny the plea, and in that case, a trial could begin as early as Friday.

Markel Ervin’s plea hearing is expected to be heard by Muscogee County Judge William Rumer on Thursday at 9 a.m.

Below is the Full interview with Mechelle Virgin, Destinee Virgin’s mother.

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