WTVM Editorial 5-14-21: Vaccinations Work

WTVM Editorial 5-14-21: Vaccinations Work
Published: May. 31, 2021 at 9:54 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - COVID guidance is changing so fast lately, you’d be forgiven if you haven’t processed all of it. The changes amount to a big, bright, blinking sign that we are closer than ever to conquering COVID.

One change is new guidance from The Centers for Disease Control for fully vaccinated Americans. Masks are no longer necessary, nor is social distancing - in most situations.

Just as big a development is that the country’s largest teachers union has finally decided it’s time to get back in the classroom, in person.

And twelve-year-old’s can now get the shot.

The reason for these fast moving changes is the effectiveness of the vaccine. Almost 120 million Americans are fully vaccinated, sparing many from serious illness or death.

The COVID vaccine constitutes the largest human experimental drug trial ever.

That’s because after the Trump administration challenged drug companies to move at Warp Speed to develop a vaccine, government eliminated the usual red tape that ties up drug development for years.

So the quick arrival of the vaccine, while miraculous, did create some understandable hesitation.

Those who choose not to be vaccinated have every right to make that decision, no questions asked. They may already have antibodies from fighting the virus. Or certain medical conditions could make the vaccine dangerous for them.

But for most of us, the vaccine gives us confidence to resume normal activities.

Now some politicians are hoping to push even more citizens to get vaccinated, by bribing them with free Six Flags tickets in Illinois, free French fries in New York City and in Ohio, a lottery with a million dollar prize every week for five weeks.

That might work to entice some more people to get the shot.

But in the end, even though the vaccines are proving successful, whether to get vaccinated still remains a completely personal decision that is yours to make.

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