Community reacts to weekend shootings in Uptown Columbus

Updated: Jun. 15, 2021 at 12:12 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Following a two-day shooting spree in Uptown Columbus and Phenix City over the weekend, Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson says they will have a stronger patrol presence for a little while - just like they do in any neighborhood if there’s been a series of gun violence.

“A lot of folks were traumatized. A lot of the restaurant workers I know had a lot of anxiety and as well they should,” explained Mayor Skip Henderson.

“Being female and walking around out here at night time, walking to our cars it’s kind of nervewracking,” said Iron Bank Coffee team member, Taylor Ward.

Iron Bank Coffee Company, on the corner of Broadway and 11th street, is just a few doors from where three people were shot Friday night.

“We had just closed, but our staff was cleaning up so they were literally walking to their car when they heard the gunshots so they went back inside for a few minutes and let everyone calm down,” recounted Ward.

Mayor Henderson says there seems to be a cultural shift across the nation where people can’t end a conflict without a weapon.

“This is an incident we’ve seen play out on the morning national news time and time again throughout the community. It’s never hit Columbus, Georgia, and so for it to hit this time it is unnerving and we get that and it is something that we don’t expect to see again,” said Mayor Henderson.“I hate that it’s making people feel as though the area may not be safe. It’s really not that case. I hate that there are circumstances where individuals come out and do things like this and hopefully we can get a good handle on it.”

The Mayor and Uptown Columbus President Ed Wolverton both say they believe this is an isolated incident.

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