WTVM Editorial 6-23-21: Quick Action by Columbus Police

WTVM Editorial 6-23-21: Quick Action by Columbus Police
Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 8:43 AM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - On Friday, June 11, a 20-hour long, two state shooting spree left five people wounded in what police say could be a racially motivated attack.

Technically, it was a mass shooting.

A man has been charged with multiple counts in that ongoing case. It’s very important to remember he is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

He will get his day in court – probably in both Georgia and Alabama - since there are shooting victims on both sides of the river.

The important thing is that police lost no time apprehending the suspect, a development that may seem miraculous to many. After all, an arrest was made within 24 hours of the first shot being fired. But it was no miracle, just very hard work by the police, using street smarts, experience, solid investigative techniques, and a little help from a canine officer, too.

One of the shooting incidents happened on Broadway in Uptown Columbus, a popular dining and entertainment hub.

Columbus Police Chief Freddie Blackmon had his officers quickly flood the area.

Thanks to useful descriptions and a sharp focus during the search, his officers were able to identify and arrest a suspect less than 24 hours later.

Mayor Skip Henderson credited Columbus police for doing an outstanding job in this case.

Both the Mayor and the police chief told reporters how important it is for residents to feel safe….not just in Uptown Columbus, but everywhere. That’s exactly why we need the police and we need to support the police.

Many regular citizens often take police protection for granted. But we should never do that. The public service performed by police is too important.

When we need help, we call the police and they always respond. Most times, officers are expected to solve a crisis at a moment’s notice. No police department is perfect and not all crimes can be solved. But in this case, officers stopped a major threat and returned calm to an anxious community.

For that, and the hard work officers do every day, the Columbus Police Department deserves a sincere and well-earned thank you.

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