WTVM Editorial 7/6/21: The Value of Work and Money

WTVM Editorial 7/6/21: The Value of Work and Money
Published: Jul. 6, 2021 at 3:15 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Young children don’t always get taught in school about personal finance and therefore don’t always understand the value of a dollar. But financial literacy is one of the most important life skills of a successful adult. So parents need to make an effort to teach their child the importance of money, how it works and why we need to save it.

Thank goodness there are smart moms like Alexis Jones and smart kids like her son Isaac, who can teach his peers a thing or two about money. Isaac lives in Opelika and we recently reported on his successful lemonade stand.

Isaac became an entrepreneur out of necessity.

Isaac asked his mom for a dirt bike, but she knew it would mean more to him if he earned the money to buy one himself. So the family recipe for lemonade was pressed into service.

Isaac worked hard to sell it under mom’s watchful eye. Look carefully at the video and you can see Isaac even has his own brand: he wears a shirt that says, “Isaac’s Lemonade, Owner.” His mom, Alexis, wears one that reads “Isaac’s Lemonade, Manager.”

Soon, Isaac made enough money to make his wish for a dirt bike a reality.

Isaac’s lemonade stand showed him the value of his own labor to create money. Exchanging money for goods, in Isaac’s case a dirt bike, taught him he had to sell a lot of lemonade to be able to buy it.

That takes a work ethic and persistence.

Once purchased, Isaac’s mom believes he’ll take better care of the dirt bike than if he just received it as a gift - and that teaches him responsibility.

We’ll be eager to see what Isaac does next. It’s wonderful that his mom is invested in making sure he’s financially literate, which is a great achievement on her part.

It sure looks like Isaac has what it takes to be a grown up success, too.

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