Man charged in Tuesday afternoon restaurant shooting appears in court

Published: Jul. 8, 2021 at 9:57 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - 36-year-old Jean Richelieu is facing a murder charge as a result of a deadly shooting in the parking lot of a Columbus restaurant Tuesday afternoon.

District Attorney Mark Jones and Defense Attorney Stacy Jackson made opposing remarks when asked about the preliminary hearing.

“Just an unfortunate accident,” said Stacy Jackson.

“He killed his girlfriend, or at least someone he was in an intimate relationship with, and uh that’s it,” rebutted DA Mark Jones. “He pointed the gun at her and shot her, and last time I checked, uh, that’s murder.”

Jean Richelieu looked as if he needed help to stand in court Thursday morning. He faced Judge Julius Hunter accused of murdering 31-year-old Davetta Mims.

Defense attorney Stacy Jackson argued that the murder charge was not a proper charge in the case, calling it an accident.

“Just based on what was presented at the preliminary hearing by the detective I felt it was a credible argument to ask for involuntary manslaughter,” said Jackson. “

District Attorney Mark Jones says otherwise.

“This is the guy. June 10th he posted this image of him with a firearm,” explained DA Jones. “He even says to somebody, somebody’s clowning him saying ‘oh it’s just decorations’, and he says ‘pull up, I’ll show you’. And that’s exactly what he did here. He showed us who he was...”

Stacy Jackson described his client as a family man. This was his response when asked if the relationship between Richelieu and Mims was considered an extra-marital affair.

“I’ll just say that Mr. Richelieu is... I don’t think that’s, I think that’s already out in the public air or whatever, but I don’t want to comment on their personal relationships or whatever. But, he’s a hard-working business man. He’s married with children, or what have you. Taxpayer. Just a regular, you know, Muscogee County citizen,” said Jackson,

The two were at Mercy’s Jamaican Restaurant placing a to-go order from the parking lot, Columbus Police Detective Zach Cole said in testimony. Cole added that an employee who took the phone call for the order originally heard a scream of what sounded like distress. Mims was shot moments later in the parking lot.

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