Nationwide chlorine shortage felt in Chattahoochee valley

A nationwide shortage of Chlorine is causing prices to rise. The cause of the shortage can be blamed on several things.
Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 8:44 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A nationwide shortage of chlorine is causing prices to rise. The cause of the shortage can be blamed on several things.

“Ok there’s COVID but at the same time, your pool does not go away because of COVID.”, said Carlos King, a Columbus man. “From what I’ve heard. It’s due to COVID-19.”

Many people like Carlos King are having a hard time finding chlorine for their pools this summer.

According to Christina Hammock, at Clearwater pool services in Columbus, one of the impacts of Hurricane Sally in 2020 was a major hit to a chlorine supplier in Louisiana. And to add fuel to the flame, she says COVID-19 played a major role. Which is why their supply is little to none.

“There’s a chlorine shortage because of Hurricane Sally. 90 or 95% of the chlorine was based at that facility was hit during that hurricane.”, said Hammock. “COVID hit. Shut everything down, so who was working went at half capacity and shut everything down. Last year for tabs would run you about 70 to 80 bucks for a big bucket. This year it’s over 350 is the going rate right now.”

She also added people making more money on unemployment than working played a part. As a result, Percy Dorsey says a little bag of chlorine shock like this one saw a price increase.

“We’ve been everywhere. All day today. We went to Walmart. Basically everywhere. The the only one who got it. Leslie’s got it.”, said Dorsey. “When we first started it was like two dollars a bag, but now it’s like seven or eight.”

Christina Hammock, said a bucket of chlorine shock tabs used to be $70, but now because of the shortage, that price has shot up to $350.

Chad Owens, a Columbus man told News Leader 9, “It’s been pretty hard. We have a salt water pool so we’ve had a hard time finding shock.”

News Leader 9 also reached out to the Columbus Aquatic Center through Columbus Parks and Recs. According to officials, they are not experiencing a chlorine shortage because they contract out through private companies. According to Hammock, the chlorine shortage could last a while, with the high high demand and lack in supply.

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